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      About Stretchable Elastic Sofa Cover

      MATERIAL& DESIGN: Polyester and spandex fabric. All rounds without corners wrapped, not easy to wrinkle; elastic band and strap fastening closure at the bottom, double reinforcement, not easy to displacement.
      FITS MOST FURNITURE: It suits for most types sofa, like fabric sofa, or leather sofa with gap.PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE PURCHASING. 
      Pillow Case: 45X45cm/17InchX17Inch
      1-seater  chair slipcover fits most armchairs up to back length 90 to 140cm/ 35 to 55 Inch.
      2-seater  loveseat slipcover fits most loveseats up to back length 145 to 185cm/ 57 to 72 Inch.
      3-seater  sofa slipcover fits most sofas up to back length 190 to 230cm/ 75 to 90 Inch.
      4-seater  sofa slipcover fits most sofas up to back length 235 to 300cm/ 92 to 118 Inch.  
      SIZE   PURE COLOR PRICE(us dollar $) PATTERNS PRICE(us dollar $)
      PILLOW CASE(2pcs)  $9.99 $10.99
      1 SEAT $25.99 $29.99
      2 SEAT $35.99 $39.99
      3 SEAT $55.99 $59.99
      4 SEAT $65.99 $69.99
      STAYS IN PLACE: If your sofa is L type or Corner combined with 2 parts separately, you need to order 2pcs cover for it. This sofa cover applicable to the sofa which there is a deep gap between seat with backrest and armrest. The small cloth strip that you use to hold in place, push them down and under as far as you can, will hold in place.

      How To Cover Your Sofa

      NOTE: When you order sofa cover , don't need order sofa pillow case , we will ship the same color sofa pillow case with your order (for example , if you order one 3-seater and one 2-seater sofa cover , we will ship 5 pillow case for you, color same as the sofa cover)