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      If you need a full back massager, you can choose our Vibration Heating Massage Cushion. It will cover the entire back. Let us warn you about different pain thresholds. It is very individual, and while Shiatsu balls motion may seem too crude for some people, it's unfair to expect perfection from a massager.

      If you have tense and spastic muscles, feel fatigue after sports or have improper desk posture, Our Massage Gun would be the best choice. The device will relieve these symptoms and make you feel good. You can massage the muscles that require more attention yourself.

      If you experience a problem with your upper back or neck, Our Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat  should be enough.

      If you feel discomfort in your back when driving a car, you should choose our Vibration Heating Massage Cushion. Many customers are dissatisfied with weak vibration, so our powerful full back massager with 8 Shiatsu balls for deep and intense massage is nice choice.

      If you suffer from osteochondrosis, neuralgia, pain in your back and neck, Our Electronic Pulse Therapy Muscle Stimulator Massager will definitely help. Technically, these devices are electro stimulators and not massagers. There are two types of electrostimulation, and they can either provide TENS or EMS or a combination of both.